Alex Salter composer, music writer, Australia

Alex Salter has been composing music for TV, radio and film for 15 years. In that time he's notched up writing credits on several high rating shows with millions having heard his music internationally. Alex is the creative mastermind behind the GAS production music library, composing and publishing hit tunes in over 40 countries. GAS (& now offshoot OIL label) tracks have found their way into productions like BIG BROTHER, IDOL, X-FACTOR, MASTER CHEF, NERDS FC, MY RESTAURANT RULES, BETTER HOMES & GARDENS,  SPORTSWORLD, GETAWAY, BARGAIN HUNT and ads like AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA CARD, MICHELIN, CITIBANK, 7-UP, ACER, HUTCHINSON, TEXAS INSTRUMENTS & PEDIGREE. Alex also has enjoyed success with his underground electronica act Grey Area producing the ethereal "And Then The Clouds" on Waveform Records.